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Bombercats is an action-packed game, with water bombs, cool cats and big explosion in full 8-bits madness. It is also a tribute to the legendary Bomberman, and will be available exclusively on the Atari Cats, oops the Atari Lynx!

The game offers 2 very different game modes and will be released in fall 2020.

Arcade Mode

The Rat King and his minions are stealing all the cheese! You must defeat him with your rainbow bombs through dozens of fun and challenging levels in this single adventure!


Battle Mode

This one needs no description as it is a vibrant tribute to the game that invented a new genre. This should come with Comlynx multiplayer support but work is still ongoing on that part. There are 2 different views: a zoomed, detailed one as well as a a distant one to see all the action.


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, atari, atari-lynx, bomberman, Multiplayer, Pixel Art

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When will this game be released for either rom demo download, to purchase a full game rom download or to buy on cartridge?  I really love the look of the game. It looks really addictive 🙂

Hi IanB! Thanks for the comment... The game is actually almost finished but I struggled to add comlynx support and then I started other projects. 2022 looks reasonably good for a release, hopefully we will be able to do it both physically and  as rom :)

Thanks for the reply. I'll be looking forward to buying bombercats next year either on cartridge or a rom to put on my game drive. Can't wait as it looks like a game I'll play for hours and I love the atari lynx, cats and also bomberman on either the nes or snes so will be very happy when you release in 2022 🙂

Is the game still alive?

YES! I know it has been quiet for a long time, but we are wrapping up Odynexus and Bombercats is next on the list :)

OMG how beautiful. This game will be a real hit!