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This short game tells the story of Krow, the bird who dreamed of reaching the stars! Help him to gather moonbeams to gain enough power to fly stronger, faster and higher... To finally fly to the Moon!

The full game will be a darker take on the all-time classic Space Harrier, but for now it's more of a technical demo with no shooting. Hope you will like it :)


Gather 30 moonbeams to pass the first (and only) level. You have 4 lives to achieve this objective. Every time you collect a moonbeam, you fly faster, but beware of the golden skulls!


  • Art, code and design by Alex Hiza (LordKraken)
  • Stone by Iridon
  • Moon and cloud art by Ansimuz
  • Music Dark Castle by Magnum Force, adapted by Alex Hiza


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krow 1.01.lnx 256 kB
krow 1.01.o 30 kB


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Have to say I loved the graphics and the music. The parallax effect is great too, but I did find it difficult to tell when a skull would actually hit me and when it would be safe to dodge it. It would also be nice to have a counter showing how many moonbeams have been collected so far. Looking forward to a more complete version

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The graphics are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing! Looking forward to the full game!

Did find one issue - the game as posted will hang if you press the "2" button during gameplay (both OpenEMU and Argon -- did not try on actual hardware yet). Maybe that is meant to pause the game, but isn't picking up the 2nd press to unpause?

Thanks Mark! The gameplay is still very basic in this version but I will update it with something slightly more polished for the cartridge edition that you can put in Argon too.

I'll look into the crash, I wrapped stuff pretty late so there might be some debug and/or untested code :)