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Disclaimer: LynXmas 2020 is not my project, I only contributed to the main menu and with the game called RED. All other games belong to their respective author. LynXmas is published by AtariGamer.

LynXmas 2020 was a game jam held by Atari Gamer during Christmas of the same year. All games are now packed in a single cartridge with a nice looking menu. The rom is available for free at Atari Gamer, and physical copies can also be ordered at Atari Gamer or Yastuna Games shops.

The games are all unique and quite fun to play, as they were developed by 7 different persons. You will find the very first version of my game RED in this compilation. I also wrote the menu in 6502 asm, which was a first for me.

Please note that the rom is not available here as I'm not the publisher. So if you want to give it a try, you should consider one of the following options:

Rom is not available yet, but is planned to be freely distributed next year.

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Not available yet ?

Very soon! Links are in the description :)