Odynexus dev is over!

Great news Commander!

After a lot of hard work, the game is finally features complete! 

This means that code, art and music are done!

You may wonder now... When will the game be released? Well while most of the work is definitely behind us, the game is not gold yet, we need to play it and test it A LOT in the coming weeks. We want the game to be  simple to play, difficult to master, hard but not hardcore, and this is what extensive testing will add to the game.

So stay tuned my friends!

oh and tell us in the comments if you would be interested by a digital copy of the game rather than a physical one!

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How are things going on this?  I'm looking forward to its release!

Well glad you asked because I'm just done with a game jam project and I'm going to wrap this project up asap now. It's about time :)

That's great news, thank you for the reply!

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I have just signed up to itch so I can follow this properly, looks very nice.  Having recently got a Lynx with a great new screen and a GameDrive cart I am always on the lookout for  new games like this, so ROM only version would be a fantastic option for me.

Better yet, a package deal of ROM and boxed copy...

I wait with bated breath.

Thanks cleeg. We're still polishing the game but we're coming closer and closer. The game will get a physical release but we really want to release it digitally too. Stay tuned!

Legend!  Thank you for the reply.

We'd love to have it in either the free play or premium sections of Argon -- drop us a line when ready!