Locked within the inside world?

Since the release of the prototype 2 years ago, many people asked me if this would turn into a real game at some point and the answer has always been "Yes... some day...".  I imagine the perspective of having an adventure game similar to another world (my main inspiration obviously) is appealing for the fans of the most powerful handheld of its time.

Now what people should realize is that The Inside World was more a technical test than a real game, which also explain why the gameplay is so limited. But not only it set the technical foundation for Odynexus, a visually amazing shoot'em up expected to be released later this year, but it also marked the start of my collaboration with pixelart genius Anders Lex!

Finally, the time has come where I can resume work on the game, and possibly with the help of Anders. And to show what it could look like, here is the vision of The Inside World from Anders Enjoy:

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Glad to see it may be worked on again!

Is the one posted here different from the 2019 build?

No that's the same version, a draft at best. I have a much better version somewhere with working gun and bullets, but I'd prefer to propose a brand new demo at the end of the summer including the art of Anders.

Would surely be the most immersive and timeless title yet on the worlds first colour portable console! The graphical fidelity seems a great fit for this screen. Go for it!

Thanks! Creating an hommage game to Another World and the Lynx has been my dream for quite some time now, so it's time for me to fulfill it :)

Looks cool 👍

Thanks :) More to come soon !